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Host Families References Worldwide

Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 


Hi Marcelo,

What about this family, they had Daniella from you some years ago - you may remember them, I think in the main she was happy there. Now looking for a new girl, older children too, but driving is important. Close to Bristol, and a car provided. If Mel is interested I will suggest her to them, and they may consider her.

Their first choice is a European girl, but who knows, and they are nice. here is their profile, and they have given a lot of thought to what is required, I think this is good. They are anxious for somebody beginning of September, what do you think. I feel she would be safe here, and not too far form us, if she wanted to visit.

West Country Au pairs



Dear Marcelo,

We are a professional couple, who have a 15 year old child and live in North West London.
I need an au pair who is prepared to help with the housework, and the cooking. The time she will spend with our son is important, and she needs to be genuinely interested in him.
In the past we got au pairs from you and have very good experiences with them.

With best wishes,
Rose Jones


Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 
Subject: Aupair position.

Hello again,
I have used your agency in the past and was very pleased with the aupair received.

I´m looking for another aupair who is able to start around the end of May 2005. I need someone who has a good understanding of the English language as I have four small children.

I have enclosed a letter that I normally use to tell aupair about myself and my family and what I´m looking for in a aupair.

If you have anybody that would suit my requirements then please send details.
Sally Heaysman - England



Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 
Subject: 10 Day Au Pair Needed

I have great references on your company from local friends. 
I have a family coming to visit Highland Beach from 13-23 February, who want a nanny/au pair for that time. They have two toddler girls, ages 1+ and 3.
Is that available? Please respond as soon as you can, as you see time is short. Phone or email.



Sent: Monday, January 27, 
Subject: job

Dear Marcelo,
We have used your service in the past and have been very happy. Perhaps you can help us again.
We need mature woman to be our housekeeper. Our sons are teenagers, and she must be able to drive them places. We live in New Jersey, near New York City. We spend our summers at the beach, so she should like the beach. We have a dog.
I am looking right now, so she should have a visa and be ready to travel.
Thank you,



Sent: Saturday, March 03, 
Subject: Au-Pairs

Dear Marcelo,
I have been looking through your site at your women looking to work in America. My wife and I have used two of your women so far and have been very pleased. The woman that we have here with us over 1 year needs to return home to help her sick mother. That is Maria de Fatima Gouvea.
We would like to get in contact with the following women to see if they are still availible:  
I would call them first but the launguage barrier is difficult, so I would like to see which of them is interested in travleing to Alaska. Thank you so very much.
John Lewis- USA



Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 
Subject: Marcia Lopes

Hello Marcelo, This is just a note to let you know that Marcia Lopes has arrived. She is settling in and doing very well. We are so happy she is here!
Are there any other people here from her country?  I am sure she would love to meet any other in the area. She is fitting in, learning english, learning to drive, and getting around.  Do you know anything about renewing her visa while she is here? Any way  I hope all is well, We are very happy Marcia is here.  Keep up the good work.  If there are any families who want to speak to us while they decide what to do, feel free to give our email address out.  
Thank you   Bridget Corcoran -USA



From: elizabeth fallon
Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 
Subject: Re: This is URGENT!!!!

Thank You,
I would like for you to keep my records though, for future reference. 
I would also like to say that we are so happy with Cassy she has fitted right into our family life and has become a member of our family.



Sent: Saturday, February 17, 
Subject: Aupair

We are looking for an aupair to come care for our girls in March. We have a wonderful lady here from Brazil that must return to Brazil to renew her visa. If you are interested in our family please write back as soon possible. Please feel free to ask any questions. 
Thank you Stacy Patrick- USA


Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 
Subject: Re: hello andrea

Gillespie family....southern york, pennsylvania.usa
Hello marcelo, andrea has now been here going on 2 weeks. she is a very good, hardworking, and smart girl. my children continually tell her they love her. thank you so much for letting us have andrea, and we will do our very best to keep her comfortable.
Best regards,
Mr. Gillespie- USA



Sent: Monday, January 08, 
Subject: Re: Au-pairs / Housekeepers to USA

HI Marcelo
It Me again ( Brenda) looking for your help once again to find an Aupair for my son who is 2years old and I will need to have this person until September.Ater that he will be ready for school. I would like someone who is good with English and loves kids.They must also be in their 20´s or 30´s. Cleo ( from your agency) was the best I ever had because she truly loved our family and we loved her like she was part of our family. This person is needed right away.
Brenda - USA


From: Gillespie family
Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 
Subject: Re: hello andrea.........gillespie family....

Southern york, pennsylvania.usa mr. toledo, you are a true professinal,and i have the utmost respect for you and your agency. i will await to hear from andrea. i will be in touch. 
thanks again. mr gillespie - USA
From: Han Srinivasan


Sent: Thursday, November 09, 
Subject: RE: free Nanny placement service

We have a wonderful Brazilian lady at home - Giovanna Zuliani. 
Thank you very much for your assistance. 
Han Srinivasan- USA


Sent: Thursday, September 21, 
Subject: au-pair candidate Adriana Foltran

Dear Mr.Toledo,
My name is Casey and I am writing to you from Houston, Texas in the U.S.A. I am wanting to inquire about a young lady on your site and her name is Adriana Foltran. We had a wonderful young woman from Brazil living with us for a year and she went home in August to continue her studies. It was a wonderful experience and we miss her! 
Thank you so much for your help.
Sincerely, Casey


From: Nancy & Zach
Sent: Thursday, September 14, 

Dear Marcelo
This is zach and nanci rosenfeld. we want to thank you for send vivian to us, she is wonderful, pleasant, hardworking and a true sweetheart. thank you again Zack and nanci- NY -USA





From: eTully
To: intercontinental 
Sent: Saturday, October 07, 

Marcelo Toledo:
My wife(Stacy Calano-Patrick) and I received a wonderful woman from your services. We are very thankful for her help.
Terrell - USA


To: intercontinental
Sent: Friday, September 22,
Subject: Re: Marcelo

How is everything. Hopefully all is well. Good Luck. 
Just a note to let you know how wonderful Maria is we ar e very happy with her. It is difficult because we do not speak Portuguese and she does not speak English but we are managing.
My husband has an Internet Service Provider and would love to help you out as far as your business goes. He read an email from you about needing business partners. We have lots of conections here and would love to help you get your name out here.
Let me know if you would like to speak business with my husband. 
Thanks again for introducing us to Maria and take care of that new baby.
Stacy - USA




From: Nancy & Zach
Sent: Thursday, September 14,

Dear Marcelo this is zach and nanci rosenfeld. we want to thank you for send Vivian to us, she is wonderful, pleasant, hardworking and a true sweetheart. thank you again.
Zack and Nanci



Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 
I am looking for a new au-pair to start in November-December 2000. .
I already found a Brazilian au pair through you so I will try again for my next au pair. I live in Bordeaux, France so please let me know if you have anyone appropriate for me, age 19-22 years if possible.
Many Yhanks,



Sent: Monday, July 17, 
Subject: Re: Vania Silva

Dear Marcelo: 
I just wanted to take a moment and thank-you for your help in acquiring Vania. She is a wonderful girl and fitted right into our family. My daughter loves her immensely. I hope she will be with us for a long time.
Dolly... Sarasota, FL USA


Sent: Sunday, April 16, 
Subject: RE:Fati

Dear Marcelo,
I am very pleased to tell you that Fati Schmitt is here living with my family. We could not be happier she is a dear heart. Please let me know how I can advertise for your company. Sincerely,
Lisa Ann


Cc: ***** Marcelo Toledo **** 
Marcelo....our family may be interested in this person.....please let us know when she arrives and if she is still available......what city is she flying to....we had a wonderful person from Brazil who worked with us for about a year....we would need to speak with her, get references, and know what her salary requirements are.......please keep us posted....... 
Donna - USA


Sent: Sunday, February 06, 
Subject: Dora

Dear Marcelo,
Just a quick note to let you know how Dora is doing. 
She has worked hard, is pleasant, and we are very pleased with her. We hope she is pleased as well. We hope to send her to an English class, she is attending her Jehovah Witness meetings 3 or 4 times a week and they seem to have taken her in and are very friendly to her. Working on her driving skills - Thought you would want to know -
If she has any problems, please let us know as we will do our best to assist her.
Regards, Karen - Colorado - USA


From: Karen
Cc: ***** Marcelo Toledo **** 
Sent: Sunday, February 06, 
Subject: Re: Au Pair Info

The lady we know is available is Leni Dutra Panisset. She is available through an au pair agency in Brazil - Marcelo Toledo - his email address is We will copy this message to him. Please let him know we sent you to him.
Our family just accepted an au pair from his agency and she is an incredible worker, honest, and pleasant. The agency has many to choose from - our au pair paid her own air fare and is receiving $150 US per week. We could not have done better -
Marcelo´s telephone number is 011 005511-7312-3174 Good luck! 
Frank and Karen - USA


Sent: Monday, January 03, 
Subject: Noeli

Hello Marcello,
I wanted to send you an update on Noeli since she has been here with our family. First of all, I want to thank you for helping make this happen. Noeli joined us on December 17th and is a great help with the children. My daughters really like her. She helps them with their chores, homework and daily routine. 
Let me know what I can do to help you out with other placements. My friend Julie Jones is happy with Adrienne from your agency as well. With Best Regards,Kristine McHam- USA


Sent: Thursday, December 09, 
Subject: R: ****** good Au-pair still without a job !!! ******

Dear Marcelo,
I want you for first thing warn that Isabel Vieira Bonome is finally arrived in my family and from I as could have seen a girl in these few hours it is adorable truly. I thank you so much for the big help that you have given me really. Hi and still as many thank you
Palmina- Italy


Enviada em: Sexta-feira, 19 de Novembro 

I want to thank you, I picked up Rosangela Silva Wednesday at LAX. She is here and so far working out good. Thank you again.
Erik Gates- USA


De: kelly houdy - USA
Enviada em: Sexta-feira, 12 de Novembro 
Assunto: Re: au pairs

I employ Maria´ Jose Pierria. A 34 year old from your agency . She is a nice lady. She has been a good person for my children and a wonderful person to have in my home. Thank you for you help. I hope to have a working relationshp with you for years to come. Kelly


De: Kimberly M
Enviada em: Sábado, 6 de Novembro 
Assunto: Hi Marcelo

Well, Vania is here now. She seems like she is a very nice girl. The children have taken an immediate liking to her. Thank you for the connection with Vania...hopefully she will be here for
a while...I pray. love, k.


De: Sharon Kenny
Enviada em: Quarta-feira, 29 de Outubro

Thank you for all your help. With your help we have found a wonderful aupair, for us and another au-pair 45 years who has agreed to look after my father who is a bit forgetful! (First stage of parkensons). If you know of any young males who do not mind a bit of hard work and want to learn English, we need a handyman. Michelle our Brazilian au-pair can talk to him and tell him "that we are a nice family".  
Thank you again.  
Sharon Kenny  IRELAND


De: Kimberly M Sheaf
Para: ***** Marcelo Toledo **** 
Enviada em: Quarta-feira, 27 de Outubro 
Assunto: Re: au pair

Hi Marcello...just wanted to let you know that I have chosen Vania...I think that she will work out well. So, this will be the third girl from your agency...
The brazilian women do seem to be very nice...flexible, pleasing and simple....
I believe that Vania will be the same....She is going to come a week before Maria Helena leaves me in order for Mary to show her what exactly she does and how she handles the kids....
Thank you
Kimberly- USA


De: Robert
Para: ***** Marcelo Toledo ****
Enviada em: Sexta-feira, 22 de Outubro 
Assunto: He made it!

Hello from Texas, Marcelo Zimmer made it here today. We are very happy with him,I am sure he will work out fine.
Thank You, Robert
P.S.we will keep in touch


Para: ***** Marcelo Toledo ****
Enviada em: Segunda-feira, 18 de Outubro 
Assunto: Re:

Dear Marcelo,
We have Michelle Rechhi from Brazil as our aupair and are very happy, we would be in regular contact and your girl would come up to stay with us in our large mansion often....  
John - Dublin- Ireland


De: Para: 
Enviada em: Quarta-feira, 13 de Outubro 
Assunto: RE:

Dear Marcelo,
Hi! How are you? Noeli is doing very well. We are very happy with her! She is enjoying her English classes and the less stressful environment. Noeli says it is like being on vacation every day here compared to her life in Brazil!
Thanks a million!!
Donna - USA


De: Para: 
Enviada em: Terça-feira, 12 de Outubro 
Assunto: URGENT

Alessandra has been absolutely wonderful with the boys and has helped me clean, take care of the little ones and the boys and I have become very attached to her.
We have done everything in our power to make her feel at home including taking her to a church of her own denomination that has a youth group and she and I have been trying to teach one another our perspective languages.
She is very loving, kind and most importantly self-motivated.
thanks for all !!
Mary Anne - USA


From: Jane Sydlowski
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 
Subject: child care

Marcelo Toledo,
I was referred to you through Donna Saunders in Michigan. > >
Donna has been extremely happy with your program and I am looking forward to learning more about it.
Jane Sydlowski


De: Stephen
Enviada em: Quinta-feira, 30 de Setembro 

Dear Marcelo,
We were very pleased with your agency. Your website is organized well and offers many excellent candidates. We started out researching approximately 12 applicants. We appreciate the time you put in in talking with us. We were very anxious and hurried to make our decision. We didn´t think it was going to go so well and it was a very smooth and easy process. 
Thank You, if there is anything that we can do for you, please let us know and we will try to accomodate your request. Please call with any questions or email.
Steve and Karyn - USA


De: Luciana M. M. de Pádua
Para: MarceloToledo 
Enviada em: Sexta-feira, 24 de Setembro 
Assunto: Hello Marcelo!!!

Hello My Dear Marcelo!!!
How are you? I hope everything is fine, I guess you already heard the news, my engagement was last week and soon I want to move to go to live with my fiancee and go to school.
Until now we had a lot of candidates, but we truely need somebody that can at least keep up with a basic conversation, because our boy is 2 1/2 and is speeking very well.
I need somebody to replace me, so I can go ahead and get to my new life, we need somebody that wants to work day and a part of night. As you know we live in Boston and our city is great, the head of America, lots of things to do and see, and lots of schools too, this person can have to week days free and do as she wish.
So, please, if you have more candidates that speak inglesh, send to us, and we will be very glad to talk to all them.
Thanks a Lot!!!
Thanks for all the work in your agency, if it was not for you I would never had come, now all my dreams are coming TRUE!!! I´m very happy, I find the love of my life and everything is great here.


De: D&G McClain <
Enviada em: Domingo, 19 de Setembro 
Assunto: Au pair found

I wanted to let you know it looks like we are going to be hiring Ms. Carla Nakamura as our au pair. Thank you for the great choices and please let any one else know that the position has been filled. Thank you,
Gloria and Dylan - USA


Enviada em: Quinta-feira, 16 de Setembro 
Assunto: Re: En: ***** another happy Host Family !!! *****

Dear Marcelo
Thank you for all you help. We have found a suitable au pair from your au pair agency, Harriet Wilson who will arrive with us in England within one week. I would like to once again thank you for the excellent service you provide.
Yours sincerely,
Sharon and family


De: Lior
Enviada em: Segunda-feira, 13 de Setembro 
Assunto: Your Web Site.

Dear Sir,
I found an very good aupair through your agency and I have friends that might be interested in your services as well. I appreciate your prompt response !!!
Lior Sher


Enviada em: Terça-feira, 7 de Setembro 
Assunto: Looking For AuPair

Our current AuPair from your agency (Maria Martins) will be leaving our family shortly. She has been very good and we are looking for a new au pair like Maria to take her place as she moves on. I am looking for a responsible person who can help to care for my son (he is 5 years old) and help with the General Housework since both me and my husband work full-time. I would like someone who can speak some English, is available to start as soon as possible and would like to stay for at least 1 year. The match you made with our family and Maria Martins was very good.
Please let me know if you will be able to help me find another good au pair as soon as possible. Please send me an email or you can call me at my office during the day. Thank you.
Joanne Bocci - USA


From: Bennett, Jeff
To: ´***** Marcelo Toledo ****´
Sent: Monday, August 23, 
Subject: Hello

I am just writing to say hello and to tell you how good Rejane is working out. She is a lovely girl who has fitted in so well with my family, the children love her and I think she is great. I have had au-pairs for the last 5 years, mainly from Europe, and I would have to say that Rejane is easily the best. I will always recommend a girl from Brazil and when Rejane has to return to Brazil I will be seeking your help again for another replacement. I just hope that I can extend her visa for her to stay as long as she can. Thanks for your help. 
Jeff- Australia


De: Ryan
Assunto: In need of an "older" companion/caregiver in San
 Diego, CA USA
Dear Marcelo: 
Sunday 03-28-99 First of all, I had two email addresses for you from the past when we hired Irany Ullmann from your agency last Sept 1998. So, I will send this to both of them and please let me know which one is the best to use now.
Irany Ullmann has been absolutely PERFECT for our situation and family...and we thank you VERY MUCH!!
We will need to replace her around mid June this year. I would like Irany to be here two weeks to help "train" the new lady! Irany´s plans to depart are not firm yet but should end up being mid June to beginning of July.(We provide "standby" type tickets ) We live 25 minutes from San Diego , CA airport and 2 plus hours from LAX airport. We are in the northern most part of San Diego and 4 miles from the beach. Goodbye from San Diego!!


Subject: Taisa is here!!!
Sent: 1/28/99 9:15 PM

Dear Marcelo,
Taisa is here in our home. We are very happy. She is very kind and nice. She is doing a great job with the children. Thank you for your assistance in making the arrangements. If you know of another family who will need a nanny in the end of June, Taisa would like to have another job here in the US because we will not need a nanny in the summer months.
I would be happy to give a reference to such a family.
Andrea - USA


De: Karima
Enviada em: Terça-feira, 12 de Janeiro 
Assunto: Re: Aupair

Thank you for responding:
I actually hired celeste which I found in your Wed page. She started working for us in December 98. So far so good.
She got her American Driver´s license 2 weeks ago. She is starting school in February.
Thank you very much for your help.
Yours truly,
Karima - USA


De: Rechtsanwaelte Dr. Strohal
Enviada em: Domingo, 13 de Dezembro 
Assunto: Re: Christmas

Hi Marcelo,
Christina is well. Slowly she starts to understand the kind of work we need.
My children and myself will come to Brazil over Christmas vacation. We will stay in Rio from Dec. 25 to 28, then 2 days in Foz and finally one week in Savador. So we are not planning to come to Sao Paulo. If you should pass by in Rio or Salvador I would very much appreciate it
to get to know you personally and maybe you could show us around in one of the cities.
All the best
Theodor- Austria


De: chantal
Enviada em: Terça-feira, 1 de Dezembro 
Assunto: Re:

Fernada from your agency is doing great and we are very happy with her. Chantal- England  


De: Bruguera, Carolyn
Enviada em: Sexta-feira, 20 de Novembro 
Assunto: RE: Au pair letter

Hello, Marcelo.
Thanks for all your help in connecting us with Karina. She is due to arrive next Friday and we´re all very excited, especially our little Lauren. She has already declared her love for Karina although they have only "met" by telephone . . .
Karina bought her own plane ticket (we are to reimburse ½ after she arrives)
Thanks again!
Carolyn- USA


De: Varsha
Enviada em: Sexta-feira, 13 de Novembro 
Assunto: RE: Thank you

Yes Patricia is and I think she is great. She lives with me in my house.She will start school to learn English on Monday.  
Varsha Philadelphia, USA  


From: Gina
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 

* High Priority *
** Reply Requested When Convenient **
Dear Marcelo:
I wanted to take the time to thank you so very much for introducing me to this wonderful lady. She will be coming to stay with our family on the 29th of October. You are a great man and I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends. I currently know of maybe one more family that is interested in having a nanny.
I will get them the information and see if they want to be in contact. Many, many thanks to you. Sincerely,
Gina - USA