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If  our  applicants don´t pass in your probatory period, we will refund your company with all travel and visa expenses * 

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We want to be your Recruiter Partner in Brazil ,Europe and Japan. 



It´s CHEAPER for your farm to hire Brazilians rather than South Africans.


Brazilians  jobseekers  are better educated than Mexicans : There are in Brazil more than 105,293 Agronomists  Engineers graduated from different institutions, which add up to 534 Universities across the country.


We have this database to forward your job adverts.


The salary range for an Agronomist Engineer in Brazil  is around USD 1.200.




We have over 500 Landscapers and Farm  workers jobseekers waiting for your call TODAY .


There are in Brazil over 5 million farms and over 25 million of rural workers and we have this database to forward your job adverts for free.



READY TO TRAVEL to your country  and available for your company from Brazil.


Please let me know your staff needs:


(    ) Agricultural Engineer /

(    ) Agricultural Equipment Operators/

(    ) Agricultural Field Workers /

(    ) Agricultural Truck Driver /

(    ) Apple Harvest Worker /


(    ) Bee Keeper /

(    ) Blueberry and Blackberries /


(    ) CDL Driver/

(    ) Christmas Tree Farmworker /

(    ) Citrus Hand Harvester /

(    ) Construction Laborer/

(    ) Crawfish Farmer /

(    ) Custom Harvester /

(    ) Driver/

(    ) Farm Ranch Animal Worker/

(    ) Grain Haulers /  

(    ) Farmworker - Aquaculture & Rice Harvesting /

(    ) Irrigation Worker / 

(    ) Ranch Hand /

(    ) Range Livestock Worker /


(    ) Sheep Shearer /


(    ) Vineyard Worker /

(    ) Landscaper/



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WhatsApp 55 11 9 4858 2000  =  send your job adverts  to over 200 million Brazilians



Is your landscaping business in need of dependable and skilled temporary workers?


We provide dedicated perfectionists who will treat your landscaping projects with the care and skill your clients expect. From sprinkler installation to laying sod, forestry to fertilization.

 Brazilians landscaping workers will meet your demands on time


Landscaping Services:

  • Equipment Operation Staffing
  • Fertilizer/Pesticide Application Staffing
  • Forestry Staffing
  • Horticulture Staffing
  • Irrigation Staffing
  • Landscape Construction Staffing
  • Groundskeeping Staffing
  • Powerwashing Staffing
  • Sprinkler Installation Staffing
  • Sod Installation Staffing
  • Snow Removal Staffing
  • Mowing and Trimming Staffing
  • Turf Maintenance Staffing
  • ... And much more!


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Your new source of  a Happy , Qualified  and Hard Worker  Manpower.


We are a 31 years old Language School and  HR  business committed to helping farmers and nurseries reach their maximum potential by taking labor out of the equation.

We work with every unique harvest and crop to provide consistent labor you can count on so you can focus on your other needs!


We work with the H-2A  and H-2B temporary programs to bring in quality labor to your farm and landscaping.


We want to partner with you with a friendly, professional, dependable, and trustworthy labor experience.



Brazilians are different and we remain in the same employer until the end of the contract.

See the new face of your new employees..

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Dear Farm Manager,

We are an English  Language , Landscaping  and Farming School in Brazil and we help our studets to get a job abroad.


They already know ALL the rules and AGREE to accept the  basic salary in USA or Canada  and they are ready and MOTIVATED to travel today to your city.


If our applicant does not pass in your probatory period, I will refund your company with all  visa and travel  expenses.  


Please try us , it´s free for your company.


Best Regards,

Marcelo Toledo

# 1 Brazilian  Recruiter since 1990






We have recruited in the past 30  years  for Rotana , Jumeirah, Millenium, Texas de Brazil , Fitness First Gyms , Hilton , Bushido , Awal Plastics , Crowne , Amazonico , Conrad, Emaar , Carnival Cruise Lines , Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines , Nikki Beach , Marriott , Hyatt , Kempinski and for the mostly of the 5 stars hotels in the Middle East we have placed our applicants.


We are focused now to assist all American companies to supply staff under the H-2B , H-2A and H1B visas.


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WhatsApp 55 11 9 4858 2000   – 7 days a week available for you


 Brazilians are the  happiest  and most motivated employees in the world!


Please, do a Brazilian Workforce Test Drive in your company.